Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentines Day is coming up fast ! .. it seems that by now I should remember that Valentines Day, Easter, birthdays, Halloween etc etc all happen at the same time every year, they are not suprise parties - so why do I always feel rushed ??

Anyway ..  this year at least I have some acorn cozy valentines .. some with little heart charms inside, some where the necklace is a charm at the front and a tiny heart charm at the top which sicks at the nape of your neck - and where the cozy is just a "wrapping" for the necklace and can been worn or removed ...

Thanks to Gleeson and Ava for modeling.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Everytime I go to pick up my kids from school I am mobbed by kids ( yesterday Brownies ) clamouring for Planet Sockling tinies ... sewing sewing sewing, I am now getting obsessed by buttons - I scored a great bag of assorted ones yesterday at a thrift store.

It is very cute when I see even some of the 11 year old boys holing on to their little tinies around the school yard ....

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Well well well .. an long gap I know, father ill, Christmas, NewYear, birthdays, children back to school all check, now ready to go ( finally) into the bright New Year.

So Socklings have been a fabulous sucess, so much so I have bagged PlanetSockling.com, although it is not up and running yet - probably next week at the soonest, but I have jane@planetsockling.com for you to send me all of your fabulous sockling pictures, sockling requests etc etc.

I'm working on several ideas for Valentines day - watch this space ( and etsy AND planet sockling ) later this week to see them.

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